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Miró Lab [go online]


# creative family workshop

Miró Lab invites participants to explore the wonderful art of the Spanish surrealist master Joan Miró. Since 2017, Miró Lab has launched creative workshops in different cities of the world, inspiring people of different races, ages, genders and abilities to explore their own hidden artistic selves. The workshops embody Miró’s belief that art should be made accessible to all.

The family art workshops encourage parents and children to turn Miró’s art into a part of yourself with your own hands and body, when they creatively re-interpret the lines, the symbols and other elements in Miró’s whimsical works respectively on top hats and ordinary painting surfaces.

Miró never stopped "looking" and "creating"...he believed "there’s more than one way to do things". Let’s go DIY online!

Eight art workshops for parents and children as well as four catwalk workshops for teenagers were originally scheduled to take place at Tai Kwun during the Hong Kong Arts Festival last February. A long-distance collaboration was initiated among artists from Portugal, Macau and Hong Kong in the past few months to make it happen online in October.

A Hong Kong Arts Festival Production


Production Team

Artistic Director, Creation and Curator    Laura Nyögéri

Local Producer | Assistant Director    Lora Lo Iok Iong  

Director of Photography    António Faria

Assistant Camera   Leong Kai Chong Michael

Set Designer   Diana Rita Coelho Rodrigues

Set Assistant   Stefan de Carvalho Nunes

Production Assistants   Lily Iao Lei Lei    Mars Loi Hou    Jin Lao Tin Ian    Miko Ng Chi Kei 

Make Up Artist | Body Painter   Sara Figueira

Motion Graphics Artist   José Nyögéri

Translators   Kathie Lao Hoi Teng    Lora Lo Iok Iong

Photo Gallery Photographers   Chico Silva e Nico Fernandes

  • Performer in “Mad Hatter” :  Madalena Lopes
  • Performer in “The Dancer”:  Carol Lei Mei Ian 
  • Painters in “My Miro” : Sara Figueira  , Diana Coelho

Macao ArtFusion is a performing arts group for young artists, dedicated to promoting the arts in a relaxed, fun and playful way. The group has gathered artists who share a common passion and desire to perform and to inspire.
Since 2014, the group has performed in many events, including the Macao Arts Festival, the Macau City Fringe Festival, Shenzhen Bay Fringe Festival, Children Arts Festival in Xian and Mianyang, among others.

Laura Nyögéri
Portuguese artist Laura Nyögéri is an artistic director, curator and educator. She has always worked with both professional and amateur artists to promote a fusion concept of the arts and continues to do so. Humanity, creativity, inclusion and imagination have always been the core of her work.
Since 2011, she has been developing projects in Macau, Hong Kong, mainland China, the USA and Portugal, exploring and promoting arts education for teenagers and children. She created Macau ArtFusion in 2014. In 2017, she initiated the Miró Lab project in Macau and turned it into a two-years Inclusion Art project in Portugal. Laura established Portugal ArtFusion in 2018.