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# interactive installation    # interactive performance    #pop-up acts

Artistic Director’s Notes:

Looking at our own reflection in the mirror, we are reminded of our life's cycles.
How many people have passed by, hidden behind the reflections of the past?
Is it you or me, him or her?
Have memories left any traces behind?

Traces of a moment…
Traces of temperature…
Traces of the time…

There’s a lightness that lives in between joy and sorrow.
Perhaps, our lives don’t always have to be great.

Together we’ll build an atlas of our own. Together, we’ll rise and form a landscape of people who navigate themselves aimlessly in this never-ending urban maze.

Our Atlas was originally conceived as an interactive installation set to the Parade Ground in Taikwun for 9 days during the Hong Kong Arts Festival last February. Interactive performances and pop-up acts was also planned for 4 days over the weekend.

A Hong Kong Arts Festival Production


Production Team

Artistic Director, Concept & Choreography    Chloe Wong Ching Ting

Installation Artist & Composer    Moon Yip Cheuk Tong

Costume Designer    Jo Sau Yin Leung

Performers    Li Ka Man, Carman    Evains Lui    Rain@Strangers    Lo King San

Production Manager    Yip Hiu Wan

Stage Manager    Lam Kin Shing

Crew    Ngan Shing Him    Lau Wing Yi

Video Director    Duo Poon

2nd Cameraman    Tang Ka Hei

Editor    Lai Yick Ho

Camera Assistant    Huang Li Wei

Programme Coordinator    Lei Yuen Hung

Chloe Wong Ching Ting 
Chloe holds a BFA (hons) in contemporary dance from the HKAPA and an MFA in Dance from Hollins University. She completed an acting and performing course in Prague in 2012. She is currently the Subject Coordinator of Performing Arts (MMPA) at the HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

Chloe addresses contemporary issues through connecting her creations with her investigation of human relationships, the sensation of the physical body and the locales of the creations. Her works have been staged in Prague, Germany, Poland, Greece, South Korea etc. Recent works include:  Maybe Tomorrow (2018), a touring performance in Hong Kong supported by Jockey Club New Arts Power (JCNAP); her site-specific creation Light Flight the Night (2018) was nominated for Outstanding Site Specific Performance at the Hong Kong Dance Awards; Heaven Behind the Door II (2017) was selected for the City Contemporary Dance Festival in Hong Kong in 2019; the 14th Prague Quadrennial- PQ Studio Festival in 2019; the 9th Busan International Dance Market in South Korea in 2018 ; the Internationale Tanzmesse nrw in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2016.

Besides, Chloe has been invited to participate in residency exchange programmes at DanceHouse in Melbourne, support by WKCDA (2019) ; OzAsia Festival “Dance Lab” in Adelaide in Australia, supported by HKADC (2017-2019), Biennale CINARS 2018 in Montreal, Canada, supported by HKADC (2018), and Absolute Airplane, a theatre exchange project between Hong Kong and Japan (2013-2017)

Chloeography Project
Chloeography Project was founded by Hong Kong artist, Chloe Wong, to explore and experiment with the possibilities of performances, including body, music, text, space, objects, visual images and movement. Chloeography Project is a platform for the exchange of ideas with artists from different backgrounds and for developing innovative artistic forms through cross-cultural collaboration.